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naseem al sham  
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al-La Madhhabiyya
    Publisher’s Foreword.
The Debate with Shaykh al-Albani
    Introduction to the Debate.
    Shaykh al-Albani’s First Point.
              The Title ‘al-La Madhhabiyya’.
              A Terminological Discussion.
    Shaykh al-Albani’s Second Point.
              The Statements of Shaykh al-Khajnadi.
              Misunderstanding his Words.
              Excusing his Expressions.
    In Response to his Request.
Additional Notes to the Debate
    Praying Behind a Follower of another Madhhab.
    The Madhhab of the Messenger of Allah.
    The Madhhab of the Companions.
The Aftermath of the Debate
    False Rumors about Shaykh Mulla Rama an al-Buti.
    Shaykh Mulla Ramadan’s Statement .
Publisher’s Foreword
This is a preview of the forthcoming English translation of Shaykh Muammad Saeed Ramadan al-Buoti groundbreaking work, al-la madhhabiyya akhtaru  bid‘atin tuhaddidu alshari‘at al-islamiyya. This work was originally written in 1969 as a refutation of Muammad Sultan al-Masumi al-Khajnadi al Makki’s work “Are Muslims obligated to follow one of the Four Madhhabs? which was translated into English and published as “The Blind Following of Madhhabs.” In the later editions of this book Shaykh al-Buoti included further debates he had with La Madhhabi scholars and counter-replies to some of their supposed ‘refutations’............
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al-La Madhhabiyya
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